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45 lakhs monthly income; A housewife who earns lakhs from the kitchen; The life of Abida Rasheed

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sorry sellers

After careful consideration, the organization called Sari Sellers was established. My husband and I ran it together for 32 years. It was one of the best institutions in Kozhikode. The latest clothing collection is available in our store. He traveled a lot for it. There was great support from the husband. Such a woman was rare at that time. After some time, her husband fell ill and had to travel alone.

It’s not always a good time to trade. When you come to the store and see good goods, everyone thinks the shopkeeper has a comfortable life. But there were a lot of ups and downs. The important thing is to have the ability to hold back. I think every woman should have this. Men are less able to cope with breakdowns than women. A lot of money will come when the business grows. Then you will see many opportunities. Then there will be the motivation to do it. But it is not necessarily won.

It was better to die

One of the trends seen in Muslim families is to build a house with money they don’t have. Finally, the money is borrowed from any bank to settle the debt. When doing business, it is better to focus only on that if everything is going well. Don’t do things you don’t know. I encountered many problems. It came to a situation where the bank would take the house made. He came to a situation where there was no money and how to hold on. It was better to die.

We traded in the same building for 32 years. But suddenly, the owner of the building filed a complaint. His request was to leave the building. It was around this time that my husband was diagnosed with cancer. It’s a time when I’m totally depressed. I have three daughters. Society is a strange thing. Everyone is happy to say they fell apart. I had to fight with the most important owner of the place. I tried to maintain this activity. Now was not the time to trade elsewhere. The only prayer was to give me the ability to hold on.

Death of husband

Then I lost my husband. I reached a state of nowhere. The situation came up where I had to push the business forward. I stayed home for 40 days. In the end, I sort of got the business back. The customers loved me so much. I had their support. But this case has come to an end. I started a new business. Kozhikode himself is proud of this institution while Corona is coming. Paying the exorbitant rent has become a challenge. Again, I got in trouble. I was worried about what I was going to do.

An effort to survive

I love to cook since childhood. I come from a time when women just cooked in the kitchen. There was no one to help me. I went to my dad and told him. I don’t need the money. Help me out of this crisis. So I came back. They only tried to survive during Corona. I started selling spices by grinding them into packets. At that time, many young people received help. Many people who had left to work because of Corona had returned to the country. I opened a cafe. Many young people came there. They all helped. I bottled my spices and my pickles and found a name for it.

Abida Rasheed is a brand

I needed a brand to market my products. I named him Abida Rasheed. I thought a lot of people create a brand in their own name. The business was through Amazon and Flipkart. All I knew at the time was how to unlock the phone. But I needed to learn all that. So I became a seller on Amazon. I also opened my own website. At that age, I realized there was no point in doing business the old fashioned way.

45 lakh monthly income


My only desire was to sell for 10,000 rupees of powder per month. As the months passed, sales increased. People started calling me personally and ordering the product. Now, via Amazon, a spice powder worth Rs 45 lakh is being sold per month.

I turned part of my house into a small factory for packing masala. It is not necessary to have great talents to become a trader. In the courtyard of my house, peppers and other things are crushed and put up for sale. I finally learned what YouTube is. So I uploaded my own biryani video. The video started last January. I also launched a new channel in English with it. My goal is to popularize Malabar cooking methods. I move forward with this sole objective. While working in textiles, I had the opportunity to work as a chef at the Taj hotel. I joined Taj because I am passionate about cooking. I was at the Taj for four or five years.