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Aditech’s Free Fire ID, Stats, Rank, K/D Ratio and Monthly Revenue in July 2022

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Atharvaditya Singh Rao, better known in the Free Fire community as Aditech, is one of the most popular gaming content creators on YouTube. The youngster from Rajasthan is an inspiration to many players, and his age hasn’t been a barrier to his success.

The player already has more than 7.4 million subscribers on his main channel. He also uploads vlogs to his second channel, Gaming Logger, which has 612,000 subscribers.

To note: Free Fire is banned in India and players in the country should avoid playing the battle royale title. The images and statistics used in the article were taken from the MAX version, which was not on the list of banned applications.

What is Aditech’s Free Fire ID?

Aditech’s Free Fire ID is 779084851, and the user is ranked Gold 2 in BR-Ranked mode and Silver 1 in CS-Ranked mode. It has the following stats in the Battle Royale title:

Lifetime statistics

Aditech lifespan stats (Image via Garena)
Aditech lifespan stats (Image via Garena)

The YouTuber has participated in 2080 single-player games and had 217 wins, a win rate of 10.43%. He landed 3952 kills while maintaining a K/D ratio of 2.12.

He made 2245 appearances in duos matches and was victorious 219 times, a win rate of 9.75%. Atharvaditya Singh Rao had 4401 kills with a K/D ratio of 2.17.

Aditech acquired 2259 Booyahs in 5468 team matches, maintaining a win rate of 41.31%. He got 14,324 wins with a K/D ratio of 4.46.

Ranked statistics

Aditech Ranked Stats # (Image via Garena)
Aditech ranked stats (Image via Garena)

Aditech has participated in 13 ranked solo games and has three wins, a win rate of 23.07%. With 71 kills, the player has racked up a K/D ratio of 7.10.

Other than that, he went one team match to record just one kill with a K/D ratio of 1.

He hasn’t played any ranked duos match yet.

Note: Player stats were recorded on July 5, 2022 and will change as they play more games in Free Fire.

Monthly income

Aditech monthly income on YouTube (Image via Socia Blade)
Aditech monthly income on YouTube (Image via Socia Blade)

According to Social Blade, Aditech is estimated to earn between $4.1,000 and $65.7,000 every month through his YouTube channel. His annual income is between $49.3,000 and $788.5,000.

Youtube channel

youtube cover

Aditech has been creating Free Fire content for about three years. The player has uploaded over 400 videos which garnered 695 million views.

In 2021, the content creator saw a surge in viewership. Aditech started the year with less than a million subscribers but ended it with over 4.7 million. This number has snowballed and the player will soon reach the 7.5 million subscriber mark.

In the past 30 days alone, Atharvaditya Singh Rao has garnered 110,000 subscribers and 16.428 million views.

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