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Alaska salmon bounty comes at the expense of British Columbia

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But Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs remains distraught

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The Chinese have a word for them. They are known as fuerdai. They are the immensely powerful and gluttonous elites of the Communist Party of the second generation, the children of Mao Zedong’s ruling class. When not roaring around cities like Vancouver and Toronto in million-dollar supercars, they stand out for their notorious incompetence at the upper echelons of the hierarchy embedded in the centers of the state capitalist command and control complex. Chinese.

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Canada has its own petty interpretation of the fuerdai caste, and an understanding that might help you understand the otherwise inexplicable presence of Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly’s deputy chief of protocol at a Russia party at the Kremlin Embassy on Charlotte Street last Friday.

The World Affairs apparatchik who thought it would be a good idea to throw a vodka and caviar party at the embassy of Vladimir Putin’s torturer state at a time when Putin is engaged in a war of land conquest burned in Ukraine is Yasemin Heinbecker, her daughter of top diplomat Disco Generation Paul Heinbecker.

Heinbecker Senior launched his own career writing speeches for Pierre Trudeau, the China-admiring father of our current Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, China-admirer. Heinbecker has another daughter in the Global Affairs hierarchy, Celine, the deputy director of Global Affairs’ “calls for proposals” operation.

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There’s nothing wrong with kids following in their parents’ footsteps through the airy halls of Global Affairs at Fort Pearson. But the diplomatic own goal the Russians scored on Canada’s open net last Friday might give you some idea of ​​the ignorance of the fuerdai caste of Fort Pearson and its detachment from the real world, and even Canada that exists west of Lakehead.

A diplomatic disaster is unfolding on the Pacific coast right now, and don’t be shocked if you haven’t heard of it. Joly certainly didn’t make a fuss, and it’s unclear if she even knows this is happening, even though Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray apparently handed the file over to Joly.

The last time Fish Wars tensions with the Americans reached this height was in the 1990s, when Ottawa was forced to secure US military access to the Nanoose torpedo firing range. Bay – which the British Columbia government had threatened to block – by invoking the federal government’s powers of expropriation. It was the first use of these powers since the railroad barons were given huge swaths of British Columbia during the nation-building era of the 19th century.

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A ferry full of American tourists was held hostage by enraged fishermen in Prince Rupert harbor for three days. Reduced to scoring points on the enemy by overfishing each other’s runs of salmon, Canadian and American fishermen foolishly went about it this way with catastrophic effect until the patrician David Anderson, a Britanno -Colombian, lands the fisheries portfolio in cabinet just in time to step in. and fix things.

We’ll get to the impending fish wars in a minute, but first a bit about the Fort Pearson fuerdai. You might be amused to learn that Peter Harder of the Canada-China Business Council, who was rewarded with the Liberals’ first seat in the Senate after managing Justin Trudeau’s transition to government, has a son in the racket. Or had a son in it. Andrew Harder was posted to the Beijing embassy before moving to a lucrative investment consultancy, as one does.

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There are intimate ties between the old liberal guard and the Chinese business lobby, notably with the son-in-law of former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, André Desmarais of the Power Corporation, honorary chairman of the Canada-China Business Council. And of course, there is the daughter of Jean (“I am not a liberal!”) Charest, currently in the running for the post of leader of the Conservative Party. Amélie Dionne-Charest is President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.

The problem with these cardboard straws that are now ubiquitous due to the Trudeau government’s laudable determination to keep plastic out of the oceans is that they will do nothing to save the distinctly matrilineal subspecies of Straits killer whales. from Georgia (which people now like to call killer whales).

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These whales are starving for lack of chinook salmon. Chinook are the most prized catch of BC’s inshore sport fishery, and were the primary prey of BC’s commercial troll fleet, now largely extinct.

Last summer was the third most productive salmon season in Alaskan history. Much of Alaska’s catch was Chinook salmon. Almost all of the chinook caught in Alaska – 90% of them – were chinook destined for rivers in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

Several months ago, Tsilhqot’in Tribe President Joe Alphonse demanded that Ottawa take immediate action to revise the Canada-US Pacific Salmon Treaty to properly represent Indigenous interests. The Tsilhqot’in say their families are hungry due to low salmon returns and conservation closures while Alaskans stock up on salmon bound for British Columbia.

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Fisheries Minister Murray’s main policy response has been precisely that: keep BC fishermen moored to “conserve” the runs that Alaskans catch and prevent sport fishers from fishing for chinook in the rivers of Columbia. -British. And now Alaskans are forecasting a fishing season with chinook catches a third higher than last year’s quotas, according to biologists from the Watershed Watch Salmon Society.

There’s a tendency for stupidity in Ottawa around these kinds of issues, assuming that if the captains of industry don’t complain, there can’t be a problem, right? And BC Premier John Horgan is just passing this one by, after all, being the friend of the Trudeau government that he is. But in the case of the impending showdown over British Columbia chinook salmon, the captains of industry have it both ways.

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You can buy “Alaskan salmon” at Jimmy Pattison giant’s Save-On Foods supermarkets in Vancouver, shipped from Alaska by Pattison’s Alaskan General Seafoods. Salmon caught by commercial fishermen in British Columbia usually end up in Pattison’s Canadian Fishing Company or its Ocean Brands operations. You can also buy pink salmon fillets at Pattison supermarkets in Prince Rupert and in the Skeena Valley to Terrace that have been caught in the Skeena River, shipped across the Pacific to China for processing and back across the ocean to be sold in British Columbia.

It’s a hell of a way to run an economy, and Joly might well imagine that the concordat with the Danes on Hans Island in the Arctic is some sort of message to a world that longs for peaceful resolutions to disputes between Neighboring United Nations Member States.

But there’s a bitter wind blowing along the BC coast right now, and Joly and the fuerdai at Fort Pearson better watch out or things are going to get out of hand.

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