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Amitbhai Free Shooting ID (Desi Gamers), Monthly Income, Real Name, Discord Link and more stats

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Amitbhai, also known as Desi players on YouTube, is an immensely popular creator of Free Fire in the Indian community. He regularly broadcasts the game and makes videos on various aspects such as gameplay and more.

His channel has crossed 10 millions subscribers a few months ago, and at the moment he has 10.7 million submarines

Amitbhai’s real name and Free Fire ID

Amitbhai’s real name is Amit Sharma, and its Free Fire identifier is 206746194.


All Time Statistics
All Time Statistics


Amibhai a 8579 team games to his name and eclipsed his enemies in 2355, holding a winning percentage of 27.45%. he reunited 22511 kills at a K / D ratio of 3.62.

The content creator played 4579 duo matches and a 773 wins, maintaining a win rate of 16.88%. He owns 12168 frags for a K / D ratio of 3.20.

The streamer has 291 victories in the 3520 single player games, resulting in a win ratio of 8.26%. With a K / D ratio of 2.51, he owns 8103 eliminations.


Classified statistics
Classified statistics

Desi Gamers appeared in 76 ranked team matches and won 34 occasions, which equates to a win rate of 44.73%. In the process, Amitbhai has 254 kills for a K / D ratio of 6.05.

The player also won of them of 11 duo games, resulting in a winning percentage of 18.18%. he eliminated 28 enemies, ensuring a K / D ratio of 3.11.

Amit appeared in four solo matches and has a Single win, turning into a win ratio of 25.00%. he has accumulated 27 frags, maintaining a K / D ratio of 9.00.

Note: The statistics for this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.

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Amitbhais monthly income and more

Amitbhai Income (Image via Social Blade)
Amitbhai Income (Image via Social Blade)

On Social Blade, Amitbhai’s estimated monthly income is between $ 18K and $ 288.4K. At the same time, his annual income is $ 216.3K at $ 3.5 million.

Discord link

Discord server
Discord server

Players can tap here to join Amitbhai’s Discord server.

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Youtube channel

Currently, Amitbhai has 968 videos on his channel and has collected 1.445 billion views. He garnered 300K subscribers and 72.104 million views in the last 30 days.

This link will guide players to the official Free Fire YouTuber channel.

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