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Banff’s “Library of Objects” loans tools and appliances, not books

By on October 10, 2021 0

The Banff Library now offers more than just books.

The Mountain Town of Alberta Public Library is testing a pilot project, renting 75 items, from screwdrivers and food dehydrators to sewing machines, for free to library patrons.

The Library of Things has been Library Director Sarah McCormack’s dream since she took office in 2014.

“The library is the original circular economy. So it continues on with what we’re doing in our library of learning materials – just in a different format,” she said.

McCormack said the initiative, which follows others in Alberta, is particularly suited to a city like Banff which is home to many tenants.

The Banff Object Library has items ranging from kitchen appliances and tools, crafts and cleaning supplies – even a home theater projection set – for free seven-day loans to library card holders. . (Evelyn Asselin / Radio-Canada)

“The Town of Banff is a very unique community. We have a lot of people who come here for a season or for a short time. We have affordability issues such as food security, accommodation, ”she said.

“Often times, when you have a place to live, it is shared or small. So you may not be able to afford some of these items. You may not have a place to store them. As.”

The items are available to residents of Improvement District # 9 who have library cards. Rentals are available for a maximum of seven days.

McCormack said that since the equipment loan pilot began on October 7, the most popular items have been a pie plate and a drill.

The library also hopes to receive donations, such as tools, to complete its offering. The object catalog and the list of current library needs are available on its website.