November 24, 2022
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Burlington Jct. the council approves the expenditure budget

By on July 16, 2022 0

As of July 12 Burlington Jct. City Council Meeting, the Expenditure Budget for the 2021/22 financial year was presented and approved. The city had an actual budget of $439,100 and an actual expenditure of $346,548.86 with a difference of $92,551.14.

Jon Shellhorn of Lamp Rynearson was on hand to further update council on the progress of improving the sewage lagoon facility. The survey is 90% complete. Shellhorn talked about the liquid and tablet chlorine options, mentioning how they usually go with liquid as it’s the cheapest and easiest option to get.

Kim Mildward of the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments was also on hand to discuss grant options. The City Council has approved the CDBG grant which will cover 50% of the cost and has just submitted a new proposal for the ARPA Wastewater Grant.

Council has discussed minor storm drainage maintenance projects and will continue to discuss proposed projects at future meetings.

Signs for the Truck Ordinance are ready to go, as the council has drafted the final official version of the ordinance.

City Clerk Melissa Cook presented the financial report which was approved. The city raised $6,000 last month and $14,400 was saved for future bail payments.

Water disconnect fee of $60 and reconnect fee of $100 approved.

Monthly water samples were taken from the water treatment facility. Everything is going well. The park and areas around town were mowed and new parking lines were painted. The mini-loader broke down and the board discussed a possible special meeting in the future to consider getting a new one.

The board then voted to meet behind closed doors to discuss staffing.