September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

Chipmaker salaries second highest among 63 industries

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The average monthly salary in the local semiconductor industry is the second highest among 63 industries in Taiwan, behind only the computer and consumer electronics industry, online human resources firm 104 Job reported Monday last week. Bank (104人力銀行).

The average monthly salary among chipmakers was NT$54,729 (US$1,823), just behind the NT$56,531 average in the computer and consumer electronics industry, the job bank said in a Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Talent White Paper.

However, average monthly salaries at local chipmakers increased 4.7% year-on-year, outpacing an average salary increase of 3.7% in the electronics and information segment and an increase of 3.5% wage in the computer and consumer electronics industry, the white paper says.

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The Jobs Bank said the 4.7% increase in the semiconductor industry reversed a 0.4% year-on-year decline last year.

Jason Chin (晉麗明), senior vice president of 104’s Headhunter Business Group, said about 30 foreign technology companies, including Inc, Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp, have set up research and development centers. in Taiwan, and competition for semiconductor talent has increased.

Chin said it’s no surprise that semiconductor companies have become more willing to offer higher incentives to attract talent with 10-20% salary increases for semiconductor materials specialists. reviews.

The Jobs Bank said major semiconductor companies such as contract chipmakers Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC, 台積電) and United Microelectronics Corp (聯電), smartphone IC designer MediaTek Inc (聯發科) and IC packaging and testing service provider ASE Technology Holding Co (日月光投控) launched massive hiring drives, competing for talent.

Under such circumstances, a junior employee with an engineering degree from a Taiwanese university would receive NT$2 million in annual salary in the chip industry, he said.

An engineer with three years of work experience in the semiconductor industry would receive more than NT$3 million a year, while a middle manager would receive at least NT$5 million, the job bank added. .

The job bank said semiconductor talents in northern Taiwan received the highest average salary of NT$57,000 per month, while the industry average salary was NT$50,000 in southern Taiwan and NT$49,000 in central Taiwan.

The average industry wage rose 7.1 percent in southern Taiwan, 5 percent in the north and 3.6 percent in central Taiwan, he said.

Chin said southern Taiwan topped the growth charts because major semiconductor vendors, including TSMC, have invested there and are willing to offer more attractive pay to build a talent pool.

As a result, the wage gap between north and south has narrowed, Chin said.

The Wealth Management industry came third in the job bank rankings with an average monthly salary of NT$51,218, followed by the Footwear and Textiles industry with NT$50,987. and the software and Internet industry with NT$50,895.

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