September 30, 2022
  • September 30, 2022

Deadline to apply for Guaranteed Income stimulus checks is next week

By on April 8, 2022 0

As we have pointed out many times now, the feds are more or less out of the stimulus check game. While it sent tens of billions of dollars last year, states and cities are stepping up to come up with their own versions this year. This is sometimes done via direct stimulus checks. But they can also take the form of guaranteed income payments. As well as gas discounts, even given the high prices at the pumps these days.

Either way, these checks now largely depend on who you are and where you live. Which is different, of course, from the fairly broad reach of federal stimulus checks. And some of these new ones come with important actions required upstream.

One example is an actual application for the “Breathe” guaranteed income program in Los Angeles, which will give participants $1,000 a month for three years. But you must apply before Wednesday, April 13.

Guaranteed income program

Guaranteed income programs like LA are distinct from stimulus checks, in that they provide more or less versions of the latter over a long period of time.

The concept of providing Americans with a basic or “guaranteed” income has become even more prominent in the spotlight in 2020. Specifically, when presidential candidate Andrew Yang pushed a basic income proposal as potential federal policy. His plan sought to address the economic fallout then associated with the Covid pandemic. And he also called for giving $1,000 a month to Americans over 18.

Since then, a number of cities across the country have tried their own versions of this. Like the city of Newark, New Jersey, for example, which recently extended a basic income program to 400 residents. Each participant receives a total of $12,000 over two years. Participants are low income and must prove any hardship resulting from the Covid pandemic.

Experience in Los Angeles

In terms of what Los Angeles is about to do? Participating LA-area families will receive up to $1,000/month for three years. No strings attached as to how they are allowed to spend the money. “It’s going to be a lifeline, and it’s an opportunity to move beyond poverty, we hope,” said South LA Councilman Curren Price. Fox 11 Los Angeles. “It will be a great experience, the biggest in our country so far.”

Click on the link here to apply for the program.

“Los Angeles County is launching the Breathe pilot program to provide its residents with the ability to ‘breathe’ easier knowing they are more financially secure,” notes the program’s website. “Breathe is a guaranteed income pilot project that will provide 1,000 eligible residents with $1,000 per month for three years.

“While the benefits of guaranteed income programs have been documented, this will also be an independent research project that will be used to study the effects of this type of program so that the county and other jurisdictions can learn about the the impact of the project on the economic stability of the participants, as well as its impact on the health and general well-being of the participants.