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Failed Toronto mayoral candidate failed to report expenses: report

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Auditor’s report says far-right horsefly Faith Goldy broke election law and failed to cooperate with auditors

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The 2018 municipal election campaign isn’t over for a fringe Toronto mayoral candidate.

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Listener William Molson accuses Faith Goldy – a once notorious far-right commentator who finished third in the October 22, 2018 election, with just 3% of the vote – of breaking a number of election laws.

In his report on Goldy’s campaign finances, Molson alleges that Goldy failed to report $86,398.49 in expenses, which is required by law, and failed to report $56,117.95 in donations made by residents of Ontario before December 31, 2018.

She also did not report $12,365.99 in donations made after that date “without extending her campaign,” Molson wrote.

Goldy’s is also accused of soliciting donations from outside Ontario.

“During the campaign period, Goldy apparently accepted and did not report or recognize in the financial statement $71,577.94 in contributions, including contributions from ineligible contributors, to pay campaign expenses, and accepted an additional $29,540.06 of these contributions in 2019 after the expiration of his campaign period, for a total of $101,118 in addition to those (previously mentioned contributions),” he wrote.

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Additionally, he alleged that Goldy exceeded the $25,000 that mayoral candidates are allowed to donate to their campaign by $56,388.63.

Molson also claims that Goldy was unwilling to help him with his report.

“Candidate was generally uncooperative in responding to requests for information,” he wrote. “Specific information requested as early as February 2020, and on several occasions, was not provided in part until December 22, 2021.”

A donation returned to its sender, with a solicitation to send money via Faith Goldy's personal account
A donation returned to its sender, with a solicitation to send money via Faith Goldy’s personal account Picture by handout /Municipal election compliance audit of candidate Faith Goldy’s campaign finances

It alleges that Goldy reported only a portion of the expenses incurred after registering as a candidate on July 27, 2018, “apparently taking the position that the expenses were clearly either campaign expenses, or non-campaign expenses, or could perhaps be reasonably prorated as a campaign. related to the campaign or not, on the grounds that she was both a candidate and a political commentator,” he wrote, adding that Municipal Elections Act does not allow applicants to choose how donations are used.

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Goldy, writes Molson, only brought home $25,000 of the $86,398.49 in legal fees incurred in his unsuccessful lawsuit against Bell Media for refusing to run his election ads — including failing to report a judgment of $43,117.90 obliging him to pay Bell Media’s legal fees.

Molson also cites a now-deleted YouTube video produced by Goldy when she first filed her lawsuit against Bell Media in which she said she “accepts donations from pro-democracy supporters around the world,” claiming that the money is for his election campaign.

He also provided screenshots of declined donations for the Faith Goldy campaign from out-of-province donors who instead urged them to send the money to his personal email address.

The Sun contacted Goldy for comment but she did not respond.

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