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Frost Bank, partner of Infosys, launches mortgage loan product offering

By on September 17, 2021 0

Infosys works with Frost Bank to provide strategic business advice and digital capabilities for Frost Bank to offer mortgages along with its other consumer lending products.

Infosys will help design the landscape of the bank’s mortgage lending process from inception to management, design the end-customer experience and select the most efficient technology platform to execute and manage operations, all while driving the growth of its mortgage solutions over the next five years.

“Providing mortgages with our other consumer loan products is critical to meeting the changing needs of our customers and bringing the Frost experience to more Texans,” said Phil Green, President and CEO of Frost Bank. “Working with a world-class company like Infosys will allow us to be involved in the entire process from start to finish and bring our industry-leading customer service experience to mortgages. “

“At Infosys, we have developed strong capabilities to transform the mortgage business by providing our clients with unique solutions that meet their clients’ expectations for speed, transparency, convenience and personalization,” said Mohit Joshi, President from Infosys. “Our collaboration with Frost Bank paves the way for a new era of mortgage services, and we are delighted to bring our collective expertise to this engagement. “

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