The offers of loans from the banks is very large and varied. For every wish, there is the seemingly suitable loan, which we as consumers certainly benefit greatly. First of all, however, it is highly recommended not only to think of the aspect alone , to be able to finance something with a loan , but also to think about what such financing requires in the first place. I have summarized some useful tips .


    Repay loan quickly


    Although there are plenty of offers from banks with low monthly installments and a long stable interest period, which may be very interesting for many people, it is, in my personal opinion, highly recommended to repay a borrowed loan as quickly as possible.

    The earlier the loan is settled, the faster this financial burden is off the table. It is true. It makes a big difference whether you repay your loan, for example, with a monthly rate of 500 euros or 1,500 euros. But the quick repayment has its advantages.

    A small example:

    1. Mr. Müller takes out a loan from his bank in the amount of 60,000 euros and pays back this sum with a monthly installment of 500 euros. Although the monthly burden would not be very high, the term is 10 years.
    2. Mr. Bauer, on the other hand, pays his loan of 60,000 euros at a monthly rate of 1,500 euros. He takes a much higher burden into account. Certainly he has to tighten his belt during this time, but the loan would be paid off already after 3 years and 3 months and the financial burdens are gone.


    Can I take out a loan?

    take a loan

    This question is very important, especially when it comes to higher loan amounts. Even though there are many offers that are easy to finance at first sight due to a long term and low monthly installments, you should still think about how much I can finance this loan without any problems.

    Rather, the amount of the loan is a little lower and I have a greater financial latitude, as if I require a sum from the bank, which is at the maximum of my financial resources and I can only pay back with great effort. Surely there would also be the possibility to borrow money from the family, but this should be carefully considered.


    Save a lot of money with a loan calculator

    Save a lot of money with a loan calculator

    The easiest way to get a loan would be to go to your bank and ask for a loan or arrange an appointment with your bank adviser. Personally, however, I can highly recommend that you inform yourself in advance about offers from other banks.

    Very helpful here are the so-called loan calculator . The functionality is very simple. You simply enter your desired loan amount, in addition to the repayment term and within a few minutes you can compare many offers. If you want to know what such a calculator looks like, I can recommend this calculator from, just give it a try.

    Conclusion: Borrowing money from the banks is very easy today. Anyone who can prove a fixed income should get a loan without any problems. Nevertheless one should not only look alone at the possible available sum but also at the further points and conditions which such a loan brings with itself.



    Monthly Income and Expenses

    To say a fixed percentage would not be correct in my opinion. Why? Each of us has a different monthly income and the expenses are different. Thus, the percentage would be different for each of us. Let’s say that we use 10% of our income…