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Long Beach seeks vendors to administer cash for Guaranteed Income pilot program – Press Telegram

By on February 18, 2022 0

Long Beach is looking for vendors to implement and administer its guaranteed income pilot program, which the city plans to have in place by this summer.

Long Beach announced a request for proposals this week, seeking vendors to help implement the pilot program and administer the money to program participants.

“Guaranteed income programs are the future,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement, “and I’m pleased to see that we are taking this important step and launching our pilot program.”

Garcia, who is a member of Mayors for Guaranteed Income, first presented the program to city council in 2020.

The program will give select families in the 90813 zip code $500 a month for one year. The 90813 zip code has the highest concentration of families living in poverty in the city, according to a statement.

A total of 250 families will receive money directly in the first iteration of the pilot program, according to Lucius Martin, a special project officer for the city’s Department of Economic Development.

The $1.6 million needed to pay for the program will come from the Long Beach Recovery Act and, Martin said, the city is seeking more funding to expand the program. In the past, the city has considered state funding to provide cash payments to 500 families.

The pilot program was proposed as a way to help low-income residents, especially as the coronavirus pandemic has made the financial situation of many families worse. Program participants will also be part of a university study to see how these cash payments affect their lives.

These guaranteed income programs have recently gained popularity across the country. Dozens of guaranteed income programs have been offered across the country, including in Compton, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, according to the Stanford Basic Income Lab, a universal basic income research program.

In Stockton, the first year of its high-profile income program – which gave $500 a month to 125 residents starting in 2019 – reduced income volatility, helped beneficiaries find full-time work and improved their well-being. being, including reducing anxiety and depression and helping to alleviate financial scarcity, according to a preliminary analysis of the program’s first year.

The alleviation of financial scarcity, according to the analysis, allowed participants to create new goals or find opportunities that they would not have pursued otherwise.

Such results are also what Long Beach is hoping for.

“This project is designed to help those who need our support the most,” Garcia said, “and will change their lives and the lives of their families.”

The Long Beach University study, meanwhile, will eventually join the national pool of analyzes by agencies and organizations elsewhere, Martin said.

“Direct payments to the area of ​​the city with the highest concentration of poverty will enable the greatest potential for community impact,” the city’s Thursday, February 17 statement said, “and will provide documentable results that can be included in the national experiments and research currently underway in the United States.

If all goes as planned, the city will release a survey this spring for residents of the 90813 ZIP code, Martin said, and eligible participants will be randomly selected from that group. The city also plans to choose a provider to administer the money by spring and by summer the first cohort of families will receive payments, Martin said.

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