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Mortgage calculator leaves parent company and becomes correspondent lender

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The Mortgage Calculator

One of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the country has left its parent company to become a correspondent lender itself with over 200 loan officers!

We have worked hard to become a lender. We started as a branch in a bank, then a branch in a brokerage, then a branch in a lender. We are very happy to finally have full control of our business.

— Nicholas Hiersche – Founder/President

MIAMI, Florida, USA, Sept. 4, 2022 / — Mortgage Calculator is now a correspondent lender itself, leaving parent companies behind and exploding to over 200 loan officers in less than 90 days . As a lender, The Mortgage Calculator specializes in short-term rental mortgages, investment property mortgages, rental property mortgages, hard cash loans, and more. By removing parent companies, The Mortgage Calculator is able to offer even lower rates to clients.

As experts in programs such as DSCR Loans, Fix and Flip Loans, Bank Statement Loans, Profit and Loss Loans and other non-QM products, The Mortgage Calculator is one of the leading outlets for investor loans. Some of the most popular products are those that use Airbnb income for mortgages and debt service coverage ratio, which is a mortgage with no personal income verification. From the Residential Mortgage Payment Calculator to the Commercial Mortgage Calculator on their website, Mortgage Calculator provides information and data for investors looking to calculate their mortgages. The website even offers an FHA mortgage calculator and a Texas mortgage calculator.

Look to The Mortgage Calculator to grow in a climate where conventional mortgage companies are failing. With a roster of over 200 loan officers to help clients meet their needs, there is no limit to the number of investors who can benefit from the company.

About the Mortgage Calculator:
Welcome to the future of mortgage lending! Using proprietary technology and the power of scale, the Mortgage Calculator instantly logs borrower loans to dozens of investors across the country! Meanwhile, borrowers can apply, upload and sign all documents remotely to make a transaction completely hands-free and easy for borrowers. Lending programs include conventional, VA, FHA, DSCR, Fix and Flip, short-term lease financing, commercial property and more. Apply for a mortgage or refinance now at

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