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Owensboro Living Expenses Not High, Report Says | Features

By on June 11, 2022 0

Yeah, inflation is taking a big bite out of our paychecks.

But here is some good news.

A website called cities ranked by cost of living.

And Owensboro is said to be the 28th most expensive city in the state for household bills.

There are 27 places in this state that are more expensive than Owensboro.

The report indicates that our average monthly billing costs are $1,654, which is 17.4% lower than the national average.

And 3,250 other cities nationwide were more expensive than Owensboro.

Our average mortgage was $967 per month, compared to $1,368 nationally.

And our average rent was $774 per month, compared to $1,129 nationally.

• What about these gas prices?

Well Friday morning the cheapest gas in town was $4.54.

AAA said our average price was $4,683.

The state average was $4,797 and the national was $4,986.

• Matt Shirley, an information designer in San Francisco, creates what he calls “fun graphics” that are popular on social media.

One of its most recent rankings is “Most Underrated City in Every State.”

Guess which Kentucky town is considered the most underrated.

• Thai Food Owensboro, 2601 W. Parrish Ave., will add a breakfast menu on June 18.

Breakfast hours are 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

• A reminder: Father’s Day is one week from Sunday.

The National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics say we should be spending $20 billion on dad this year, roughly the same as last year’s $20.1 billion.

That comes to $171.79 each, down slightly from last year’s average of $174.10.

• A company called FlexJobs has ranked the 50 states based on the ratio of available remote jobs to active job seekers in its database.