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Representatives condemn CJN’s monthly salary of N 279,497, a 14-year package for bailiffs

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The House of Representatives on Wednesday urged the Allocation and Taxation Commission for the mobilization of revenue to immediately review the remuneration of judicial officers according to current economic realities.

The House also urged the federal government to, in accordance with judicial autonomy, accept the increase in statutory transfers to justice over the next fiscal year.

In addition, the Chamber instructed its Judicial Committee to work on an amendment of the law relating to certain political, public and judicial offices “by removing the remuneration of judicial officers from those of political and public office holders”.

The committee must ensure compliance with these resolutions and report within six weeks.

The resolutions followed the unanimous adoption of a motion entitled “Need to review the remuneration of judicial officers and increase the statutory transfer to the nation’s judicial system”.

The president of the Judicial Committee of the Chamber, Mr. Onofiok Luke, who presented the motion, rejected the salary currently received by the judicial officers.

Luke declared: “The Chamber notes that the salary of judicial officers was last revised by the RMAFC in 2007 when the official exchange rate was 124 N to $ 1 and the minimum wage was 5,000 N; and taking into account the economic factors which depreciated the value of the naira by more than 60 percent, the salary of judicial officers has become totally different from current economic realities.

“Thirteen years after the salary review, the Chief Justice of Nigeria, who is the highest judicial officer in the country, earns 279,497 N per month; The judges of the Supreme Court and the President of the Court of Appeal earn 206,425 N per month; Judges of the Court of Appeal earn 206,425 N per month, while judges of the Federal High Court, National Labor Court, FCT High Court, State High Court, Court of FCT Sharia Appeal, FCT Custom Court of Appeal, Khadis of State Sharia Court of Appeal Appeal and State Customary Court of Appeal all win 1.8 million naira each as an annual salary.

“The Chamber further notes that the non-remuneration of judicial officers is partly due to the fact that the remuneration of judicial officers with political and public office holders is in the same law.”

The legislator noted that Part I of the Fifth Schedule of the 1999 Constitution and the Code of Conduct Court Act generally prohibits magistrates from receiving gifts and operating private businesses except agriculture. , and the Code of Conduct for Magistrates further limits the commitments of magistrates by preventing them from maintaining certain social relations and from publicly commenting, all with the aim of isolating judicial officers from any form or appearance of corrupt practices and improper conduct.

Luke said that the judiciary, as an independent body of government, “the executive does not have the constitutional power to reduce or revise the budget of the judiciary, but only to submit the budget to the National Assembly. exact proposed by the judiciary in accordance with the Constitution and constitutional practices of advanced democracies.

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