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Rising expenses: the search of consortia to lower expenses

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the inflation it escalated and turned into fights at consortium meetings. It happens that, as the expenses become more and more expensive, delinquency slowly begins to increase, especially in buildings with few units.

The projection -with the data so far of the parity of building managers– the thing is the Spending will increase by at least 40%. In September, we will have a clearer idea of ​​what the total increase will be, explains Matías Ruiz, president of the Civil Association of Administrators of Horizontal Property Consortia (AIPH).

Up to 70% of expenses are explained by the salaries of managers

Until the 70% of expenses This is due to the salaries of managers, explains David Loisi, president of the Consortium League. The remaining 30% is made up of repairswhich today are increasingly relegated by rising costs and material shortages.

“Today there is no place for maintenance corrective and preventive: if something breaks, it is patched as best it can, but there are no big plans,” says Ruiz.

The account is even worse in buildings that have central services, as the heating. Ruiz points out that due to the increase in rates that will come this year, there is a very strong concern in this type of property and even some consortia coordinate shortened heating schedules to reduce costs.

Consortia: excavation to reduce costs

Other mechanisms used by consortia, adds Ruiz, are to seek external funding sources to the detriment, like rental party walls To advertise.

Council of owners must be aware of expenditure planning
Council of owners must be aware of expenditure planning

Loisi adds that several consortia they name homeless managers or the hiring of cleaning companies and they rent the accommodation that corresponded to the purpose. He points out that, since he does not pay charges, it becomes more attractive for the tenant, and generates additional income for the consortium.

On the other hand, sum, the advice of the owners should be aware of expense planning. “It should be checked that there is no overprice: there is administrators that lead to acts of corruption, so you have to check the best product at the best price,” he says.

Rising debts

According to data from Ruiz, delinquency is today around 15%, closer to pre-pandemic levels, in the case of homes, and 30% in the case of offices. It all depends, of course, on the vacancy of the buildings.

However, the scenario could change if the increases persist. “The increase in central services This will have repercussions in greater delinquency,” warns Loisi. In this sense, she points out that there are more and more consortia working to initiate the executions of those who do not pay.

Rising expenses: the search of consortia to lower expenses

“The situation is critical because the consortia they don’t have any grants or aids: these are not companies, but groups of families,” concludes Loisi.

Jorge Luis Scampini, administrator of consortia and president of the Horizontal Property Commission of the Professional Council of Economic Sciences of the city, explains that compensatory interest for customs fees is approximately 36% per year, there is therefore no deterrent force on that side.

This is why administrators are executing those who must pay more and more quickly. The process begins with a letter document and, before going to trial, mediation takes place To explain.

Scampini believes that In the sixth month of indebtedness, the debtor has already regularized the maturities. “The intention is not to snowball consortia,” he concludes.

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