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Sean Morrison gets special police protection at the expense of other taxpayers

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Most homeowners rarely ask the local police to perform an official security check of their home. When they do, it may be once or twice a year. But Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison, who owns a security company called Morrison Security, received more than 60 home security checks on average each year while on the Cook County Board. Security checks are not like normal drive-throughs that the police regularly provide to ordinary people. Every Morrison security check required a report to be completed and filed by the officers.

By Ray Hanania

Cook County Commissioner Sean Morrison has tried to define himself as a vocal critic of government officials who exploit police resources for their personal safety.

But reports this week by WBEZ and Chicago Sun-Times denounce his hypocrisy. Morrison received an inordinate number of official police security checks from his home in the small suburb of Palos Park, where police costs account for more than half of the village budget.

Morrison lived on his one-acre property in Palos Park for at least 14 years. In the first seven, Morrison’s home barely received any police checks, despite being a prominent township politician.

But from 2015, after being appointed to Cook County Council, ‘Big Shot’ Sean Morrison began to receive close attention from Palos Park police who carried out an annual average of 60 formal security checks at his home , or 415 over the past seven years. .

Morrison receives special attention at the expense of taxpayers, column in the newspaper Regional News June 23, 2022

These were not the typical security checks carried out by police driving through a neighborhood or driving past houses. There are around 2,000 houses that need protection in Palos Park. Police security checks at Morrison’s home were special, formal and detailed. The police were required to document them each time.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve only requested two official police security checks in the 35 years I’ve lived in my home. Morrison has 60 a year? Talk about privilege and waste of taxpayers’ money. The police could do more important things, like focus on the needs of villages with 4,899 inhabitants (2020 census).

These official home security checks came as Morrison stood at the top of his fragile political soapbox and attacked other politicians for misusing police resources.

The need for security checks is heavy, given that Palos Park police resources make up more than half of the village’s $4.7 million annual budget.

Even more puzzling, why would a big shot like Morrison – who owns his own security company, Morrison Security with some 850 employees – need the taxpayers to protect his home?

Why would you exploit these police resources, diluting the attention on your neighbors’ houses?

The 415 security checkpoints seem small, but given that Palos Park only has 2,000 homes, that means the focus was more on Morrison than anyone else in Palos Park.

If I was a Palos Park owner, I’d be mad at Morrison!

The question is who demanded this?

In his response to the media, Morrison threw Palos Park police under the bus, saying he never asked for security checks – something he must say as he stumbles in the final days of his beleaguered bid for re-election. Morrison is challenged by a true champion of taxpayers and landlords, Elizabeth “Liz” Doody-Gorman.

You can’t take Morrison’s word for anything because he lies so much about almost everything.

I guess the 415 formal security checks don’t include the other routine checks that police often do while driving through a neighborhood to protect less important people, like taxpayers.

Morrison’s hypocrisy is astounding. He constantly complains about tax hikes because it makes him look good in the eyes of voters, but he can’t even pay his own property taxes on time, as the Sun-Times reported in 2017. topic, Morrison claimed he didn’t know he wasn’t paying his property taxes.

You do not know ? Is this the kind of person you would watch for the rights of ordinary, unimportant people who don’t have special privileges like Morrison?

Does Palos Park thank Morrison for his support in their fight against Lemont? In 2015, during Morrison’s first year on county council, Palos Park received county council approval to annex county land. This allowed Palos Park the adjacency it needed to annex Lemont Township properties belonging to Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, Gleneagles Country Club, Mid Iron Golf Club and Ludwig Farm. This would increase property tax revenue for Palos Park, while taking it away from others.

Morrison pretends he is an anti-tax fighter, but in fact he is ineffective. He’s riding in the wake of Cook County Democrats to block the pop tax hike, which he claims single-handedly overturned.

Compare Morrison to Liz Gorman who is clearly better qualified to be the Cook County Commissioner of the 17th District. When Gorman was on the board, before Morrison, she opposed Stroger’s one-cent sales tax hike, which later passed. But she kept fighting and led a campaign that convinced the Democratic majority on the board to back down and repeal the tax.

Taxpayers can’t afford Sean Morrison. He must resign. Why support someone so disrespectful of taxpayers’ needs?

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