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Soul Viper BGMI ID, Stats, F/D Ratio, Monthly Earnings & More (March 2022)

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Yash “Viper” is one of the most renowned names in the BGMI gaming community. His humble nature and loyalty to his team made him popular among players and fans of the game.

He rose to prominence by winning the first PUBG Mobile tournament in India. He is one of the handful of players who stuck with one team even after the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Viper is also a streamer who plays Battlegrounds Mobile India, Valorant and several other games live on his YouTube channel and LOCO.

BGMI streamer and SouL Viper pro gamer in March 2022


Viper’s BGMI ID is one of the most searched IDs in the game. His fans are looking for his ID to send him friend requests and his popularity in the game. His ID is 587552420. The name in the game (IGN) played a major role in Viper’s life as he became popular with his IGN instead of his real name. His IGN is SoulVipeR.

Seasonal statistics

Viper is a professional esports athlete for Team Soul. However, since the formation of the new team, he hasn’t featured in the roster as much. He only plays classic matches while streaming the game on YouTube and LOCO. However, he still reached Ace Dominator level in the ongoing C2S4.

Clip showing Soul Viper's stats in the current Cycle 2 Season 4 (Image via Krafton)
Clip showing Soul Viper’s stats in the current Cycle 2 Season 4 (Image via Krafton)

viper played 178 the classic BR mode matches this season and has won “chicken dinners” in 58 matches. Viper reached the Top 10 in 128 games, with his teammates.

He managed to treat a total of 203318.9 damage with an average damage of 1142.2. Additionally, it maintained a decent F/D ratio of 6.51 with 1158 total finishes to his credit. However, 20 most finishes and 2887 damage dealt in a single game remains his best performance of Round 2 of Season 4 so far.

Monthly earnings

Viper is an integral part of one of the biggest gaming organization in India: S8UL. However, his main source of income comes from his YouTube channel, SouL VipeR, which has over 1.27 million subscribers.

According to Social Blade, he has earned between $800 and $12,800 on his YouTube channel over the past 30 days.

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