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Southwestern College will pay student expenses for the spring semester

By on January 26, 2022 0

Southwestern College will use $13.8 million in COVID-19 relief funds to help pay for students’ college expenses for the spring 2022 semester, the institution announced.

The money, which the college received through the Federal Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, can be used for expenses that will make it financially easier to attend the school. The goal is to attract new students and encourage those who enrolled but did not return to return and graduate, college officials said.

“In times of uncertainty, there is a guarantee – an academic education and preparation for the workforce improves students’ professional and economic opportunities,” Southwestern College Superintendent Mark Sanchez said in a statement. . “Southwestern College will develop and implement innovative programs and services to help students achieve their educational, career, and personal goals.”

Funds can be earmarked for childcare, rent and utilities, car repairs, cost of books, medical expenses, and technology, such as buying or repairing a laptop, and internet charges, the college said.

Southwestern will distribute the funds to eligible students based on the number of units new students and “stop out” students are enrolled in for the spring semester. The college refers to “arrested” students as those who had previously enrolled at the institution but did not register for fall 2021 classes.

Students enrolled in one to five units can receive up to $500, those enrolled in up to 11 units can receive $1,250, and students enrolled full-time (12 or more units) can receive $2,500. Those who registered in the fall of 2021 will also be eligible to receive $1,500.

Those interested in receiving funds should complete a grant application, which will be available January 31, the first day of the spring semester. Students must be California residents, although some nonresidents are eligible.

Funds will be disbursed through BankMobile and recipients will be able to access the funds through their school email. Disbursements are scheduled for April 4 for full semester courses and May 2 for accelerated courses, the college said.

Southwestern’s scholarship program comes after the college canceled $1.5 million in student debt for those who had tuition or fees incurred during the spring and summer semesters last year. The money came from the American Rescue Plan Act, which provided funds to higher institutions to support students and campus operations.