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Supermarket worker, 39, dies, boss contributes S$10,000 towards funeral costs

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U Stars supermarket boss donates S$10,000 towards funeral expenses of deceased employee

Ms. Liu Fenni, 39, was an employee who worked at a local 24-hour supermarket chain, U Stars Supermarket, for about a year.

Source: U Stars Supermarket on Facebook

Unfortunately, she went into cardiac arrest on Monday September 12 due to kidney failure and passed away.

Ms. Liu’s boss then paid S$10,000 for her funeral expenses.

According 8world Newsher boss said the gesture was to thank her for all her hard work.

Ms. Liu, 39, suffered from kidney failure

Talk to 8world NewsMs. Liu’s mother, Ms. Cai, said her daughter had been suffering from illnesses for two years.

In 2000, Ms. Liu suffered a stroke. She was then told she had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar and stage four kidney failure.

Last November, she began taking medication and undergoing dialysis, but her condition continued to deteriorate. Later, she had to have the big toe of her right foot amputated.

The day before she died, the 39-year-old told Madame Cai that she might not be staying overnight.

At this time, Madame Cai comforted her and told her not to dwell on it.

But the next day, Mrs. Cai, 57, received a call from Singapore General Hospital, informing her that her daughter had died.

Mrs. Cai said she regretted not being with her daughter on her last night.

Ms. Liu is the eldest of her three children.

Supermarket boss hoped to reward employee’s hard work

Before working at the U Stars supermarket, Ms. Liu worked at another supermarket. Then she met the boss of U Stars supermarket, who admired her work ethic and offered her a job at U Stars Supermarket store Choa Chu Kang Avenue 7.

Later, the boss became worried about Ms. Liu’s heavy workload and transferred her to the Punggol outlet.

After repeatedly talking to the boss of the U Stars supermarket about her daughter, Ms. Cai said he was always worried about Ms. Liu’s health.

At the time of her death, Ms. Liu had worked at the U Stars supermarket for about a year.

supermarket employee boss

Source: 8world News via AsiaOne

Ms. Cai initially refused when the boss offered to contribute S$10,000 to Ms. Liu’s funeral expenses.

However, the boss said it was a gesture to reward Ms. Liu’s hard work. Ms. Cai then relented and accepted the contribution.

She appreciates the boss’ help and for reaffirming her daughter’s contributions to the business.

“He’s a generous person who cares about others,” she said. 8world News.

Ms. Cai shared that last year, he also paid out money for another employee’s funeral expenses.

When contacted, the supermarket boss U Stars said he was sorry for the loss of Ms Liu but did not wish to discuss it further.

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Featured image adapted from AsiaOne and the U Stars supermarket on Facebook.