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The Boys declassify Billy Butcher’s hunting expenses

By on June 9, 2022 0

The Boys’ Twitter has released a report detailing Billy Butcher’s questionable spending on “dust” while working under Hughie Campbell in Season 3.

A photo published on The boys‘ Social media shows an in-universe expense report of Billy Butcher while working for the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs.

A tweet on the official Twitter for Prime Video’s superhero satire The boys shows all the expenses that Karl Urban’s Butcher billed the US government for a month of “dust”. The image from the report is captioned, “$1500 may seem like a lot to spend on DTT, but you’ll definitely get what you pay for.” The cost of Butcher’s expense report, dated the date of the season 3 premiere of The boystotals $4,601.96.

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In addition to the aforementioned TNT, some of Butcher’s purchases include a $13 “game for Ryan”, a “$56 V-uber ride for the premiere of Dawn of the Seven” and a $148 Hawaiian shirt – all featured in “Payback,” the first episode of the new season of The boys. In the episode, a Hawaiian butcher in a shirt visits his new boss, Jack Quaid’s Hughie Campbell, at the red carpet premiere of the “Bourke Cut” from the premiere of the film “Dawn of the Seven. “. He is later shown buying the Connect 4 board game online to give to Ryan, the son of his late wife Becca and Homelander, during a spy mission from the supe Termite that ends up going horribly wrong. .

The boys Season 3 shows the titular team working for the government under former member Hughie. Although the items in the expense report match the canon depicted on the show, the dates create some confusion in the timeline. The second season is set in 2020, the same year it was released on Prime Video, but the third is supposed to be a year after the events at the end of season 2. So the expense report showing the date of 2022 seems like a mistake, although it could be due to the pandemic delaying the production of season 3 and upsetting the show’s continuity.

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Showrunner Eric Kripke previously explained how this delay led to the creation of The Boys Presents: Devilish animated series. “We were in the depths of the pandemic and we were looking to get something from what we call the VCU [Vought Cinematic Universe] on the air go ahead [The Boys] Season 3,” Kripke said at the time. “And with all the filming restrictions, it was just impossible to do even a little thing live. So we started talking about doing something animated.”

New episodes of the third season of The boys out Friday on Prime Video.

Source: Twitter