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  • The Gabonese government will publish a report on public expenditure associated with Covid-19 by July 2022.

The Gabonese government will publish a report on public expenditure associated with Covid-19 by July 2022.

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Gabon expects 124 billion FCFA from the International Monetary Fund under the aegis of the Rapid Financing Instrument. The latter, in turn, is conditional on the publication of the report on expenses related to the management of COVID-19. The Rapid Financing Instrument assists member countries that urgently need BoP financing.

The government of Gabon will publish the COVID-19 expenditure report by July 2022. This announcement was made by Alain Claude Bilie-By Nze during a press conference held on 9e June, alongside his Health and Social Affairs counterpart, Dr Guy Patrick Obiang Ndong.

Alain Claude Bilie-By Nze said he had discussed with his colleagues in charge of the file, the Minister of the Economy as well as the Minister of the Budget. He said there were some technicalities to consider and both happened at the World Bank and IMF general meetings. Once all this has been prepared, the report will be published.

The publication of this report is part of the agreement concluded between the IMF and Gabon for the release of the first tranche of funds under the RFI. Alain Claude Bilie-By Nze said the government is committed to many things and will never hesitate to make the records public. However, there are no pending injunctions to be received on this account that tell the Gabonese government to publish it immediately. He also said the government was acting responsibly.

Asked about the subject of the transparency required in the awarding of public orders, the Gabonese government wants to be reassuring. According to Gabonese regulations, companies that will benefit from State contracts must be identified and known.

Alain Claude Bilie-By Nze said that this was a tender, and if it is necessary to reveal the owners of the companies and their nationalities, there is no problem in making the names public .

Recall that in July 2020, the IMF had approved the disbursement of 85 million FCFA under the aegis of the IFR in Gabon, in order to fight against COVID-19. These funds were intended to help Gabon promote health care, protection of the most vulnerable and also to support the private sector as well as small businesses.

Source: Medriva.