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Top 10 Best Apps to Track Your Expenses Quickly

By on September 28, 2022 0

Most people are aware of the value of expense tracking. However, not all have been able to achieve this. Instead of striving to control your finances on your own, why not try these best apps to track your spending? These expense tracking apps do more than track expenses.

You can track investment performance, send invoices, and set a budget. You can also use them to reconcile accounts, check credit, track miles, and more. The majority of these applications are profitable or free. If you want to know how you spend your income, why not try these best apps to track your expenses?

Top 10 Best Expense Tracking Apps

1. Mint

The Mint personal finance app is the first in our list of the best apps for tracking expenses. Intuit created the app to help users establish and maintain a plan for their money and credit. It provides an in-depth look at personal finance.

And offers options to increase your net worth and reduce your debts, making it the best cost tracker app available. Like Mint, the majority of expense tracking apps allow you to link your bank and credit card accounts. But, by reminding you of approaching bill due dates, this app also helps you avoid late fines.


It will even let you know if your credit card limit is getting close to its limit or if your account balance is low so you can avoid overdraft charges. You can track monthly changes in your subscription spend using Mintsights. By doing so, you can cancel any subscriptions you may have forgotten about and even negotiate with the provider for a lower price.

2. Personal capital

The next app is Personal Capital. With this app, you can get an accurate picture of your financial situation using this app, which is free. Plus, you get a free introductory consultation with one of their financial advisors. This is only possible after linking your accounts.

Its annual investment management fees are exorbitant compared to companies of similar size. Use its investment management tools to link accounts, budget, plan for retirement, and visualize your cash flow. With the application or its web interface, each of these services is free.

Personal Capital is the best expense tracking app for investors. Since it allows you to review all your bank and investment accounts in one place. It provides investment options, advice, and expense categorization. And helps keep track of incoming bonds.


Everlance is an app created to track receipts, costs, and travel. A seven-day Premium trial is started when you download the app. Unless you decide to upgrade, your account will revert to a free account when the trial ends. Sync your bank and credit card accounts to track your spending.

You can distinguish between personal and business costs at a glance. Users can create unique expense rules for transactions and recurring costs. Even if you receive income from several different sources, tracking income with Everlance is simple. Everlance records your movements using GPS technology.

But you can also deactivate this function and follow the routes by hand. Despite the app’s claims that you can set it and forget it. User reviews indicate that you should verify that your trip has been recorded. Because GPS issues caused the app to miss some excursions.

4. Nerd Wallet

The next best expense tracking app is Nerdwallet. The app offers a complete view of your personal finances as well as tools to help with money management. There are no in-app purchases and it’s free. To see how you spend your money each month, link your accounts and organize your transactions. Then make plans to save money, invest in the future, and reduce your debt.

You may receive offers from merchants to collect cash back when you add a debit or credit card. Once you have $10 in cashback, you can cash out. To help you make smart financial decisions, NerdWallet also provides calculators and editorial content. The app provides guidance tailored to your unique scenario. For example, if you spend a lot of credit on a card, the app might ask you to use that card each month to keep your balance low.

5. Spend

Expensify was released in 2008 with the sole purpose of managing revenue and costs. There are 25 free scans per month, and all additional scans require a premium subscription. Developers think of users. The app gives users the freedom to assess their finances. Then they can approve or reject expenses directly from the app from that point.

Even a corporate Visa card and corporate travel assistant are available through Expensify. Integrate accounting software such as Sage Intacct, NetSuite, Xero and QuickBooks. Employees love Expensify’s next day cashback because they get their money right away. Expensify compatibility with international currencies. And taxes are one of its main features for business travelers. The month-end close process is now simple with a globally compatible application.

6. Fund manager

One of my favorite Android expense tracking apps is Money Manager. The application has a good rating, a simple interface and customization possibilities. App developers seem to respond quickly to customer requests and recommendations. Many reviews are positive and mention that the amount of ads displayed is not distracting. The app helps to know how you spend your money. It also lets you know if you are spending too much. it also has other amazing features. install to learn more about the app.

7. Every dollar

The Every Dollar app encourages users to “give every dollar a task” using a zero-based budgeting system. If you purchase the Premium Edition, the app will pull your transactions from financial accounts. Rather than requiring you to manually add income and expenses. The definition of a zero-based budget, according to one expert, is simply when your income minus your expenses equals zero.

By designating all your money to give, save and spend. This technique helps you be determined with your full income and offers accountability. Everydollar does not have the ability to budget based on transactions entered. Although some users may consider it a disadvantage. But the app’s website promotes a hands-on approach to budgeting as a way to give users more control over their financial situation.


For parents who share the cost of raising a child but don’t live together, SupportPay can be helpful. Parents can upload or take a photo of receipts to share with the other parent using SupportPay. Payment records can be added manually. Or you can make payments through the app. In addition, a parent has the choice to dispute an expense. And offer a written rationale for why they disagree with the payment request.

Exporting data from SupportPay enables the creation of certified documents that can be used in court or for tax purposes. The main benefits of SupportPay include improved transparency. And remove emotion from the expense allocation process. But, for the app to work to its full potential, both parents need to be willing to download and use it. This app is best for parents to track their expenses.

9. Numbers

The numbers claim that his app learns new things through machine learning with every transaction. It offers real-time transaction analysis to find recurring expenses. It also forecasts future costs and spots irregularities in a company’s expenses. The software supports over 9,000 financial institutions. And will automatically reconcile transactions with your bank account. Users can easily understand how money is being spent and forecast future spending by creating a range of charts and tables using Digit Reports. Meanwhile, the Find Numbers feature offers an easy method to hone in on spending in particular areas. The Digits starter package is offered at no cost.

10. Shoe box

Shoeboxed is the next app on our list of best apps for tracking expenses. The app provides a way to manage receipts and other paper documents. Unlike other cost tracking apps which focus on extracting information from bank accounts. Users can request a Magic Envelope to send their documents to Shoeboxed for scanning. Or they can choose to scan their own receipts.

Also to produce cost reports. The app interfaces with other programs like Evernote and QuickBooks. Additionally, the app will categorize receipts by merchant, date, amount spent, and payment type. Additionally, it will retain IRS-approved data and photos. Plans with 300 physical papers and 600 digital papers each year start at $23 per month. The Shoeboxed app is only accessible on iOS devices, so be aware of that.

11. Center expenses

The final app on our list of the best apps to track expenses is Center Expense. The creators of the application created it after recognizing that many companies could no longer use batch processing. And the classic expense processing solution. With Center Expense, users’ CenterCard purchases are recorded in the app.

And they can view purchases from their phones to add any additional information needed. The application is compatible with accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Oracle Net Suite. Center Expense is for small business owners to help them track their expenses. However, large business owners have started taking interest in the app. That’s how effective the app is.