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Uber driver breaks down how much he actually earns per week after expenses

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Although often considered the cheapest alternative to black cabs, Uber drivers certainly don’t work for nothing. Watch a taxi driver give a breakdown of his weekly earnings below (and it’s probably not what you expect):

The YouTuber, who passes Driver Mattyrevealed how much get is paid by Uber in a recent video.

“So I was online for 25 hours and won £500,” said the driver said.

“So it’s really 500 pounds over the four days, which isn’t too bad.”

He added: “So I’m averaging this week so far £20 an hour. So it’s not too shabby.”

For context, the average hourly wage in the UK for full-time employees is £16.3 per hour, in 2022, according to statista.

Also considering that the average Londoner is £21.19 an hour, the Uber driver isn’t doing too badly.

The YouTuber also revealed that in one week he made £800 in 26 hours of work.

This equates to around £30 an hour.

Matty clarified that this income is pre-tax and his taxi costs are also around £200 a week.

He added that Uber is taking a hefty 25% cut.

Credit: Driver Matty/YouTube

One person replied: “Define ‘do’. An Uber driver could easily ‘take’ £200 a day in fares, but then you would have to subtract all your costs – vehicle, taxes, insurance, fuel, congestion charge, license etc. .”

A London driver explained on his blog that the £1,000 was purely sales and not everything goes to your account.

Credit: Dawid Swierczek / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Dawid Swierczek / Alamy Stock Photo

“Next comes the hefty 25% commission for the fun of partnering with Uber,” they added. “It’s £750 a week. £39,000 a year before expenses. £3,250, more or less, a month.

However, another user also cautioned, “You can work whenever you want which is good, but using a private rental vehicle is expensive.

“You have to keep the car clean and tidy, which is more difficult in winter.”

An Uber spokesperson told LADbible: “Uber drivers in the UK are guaranteed to earn at least the national living wage, but 99% of them can and do earn more. In the first quarter of 2022, drivers Chauffeurs earned an average of £29.72 per hour, but this varies depending on where and when they drive.

“Drivers are also entitled to paid holidays and a pension, which has helped us recruit more than 10,000 new drivers in recent months.”