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UnGraduate Gamer Free Fire UID number, monthly income, discord link, etc.

By on June 27, 2021 0

Ayush Dubey, aka UnGraduate Gamer, is one of the leading creators of Free Fire content in India. The YouTuber regularly uploads gameplay videos to their channel and, at the time of writing, they have over 6.48 million subscribers and 636 million combined views.

Over the past year, UnGraduate Gamer has garnered around five million subscribers, and this article takes a look at their Free Fire UID number, stats, and other details.

Free identification number / UID of the unqualified player and statistics

Its Free Fire UID number is 256205699. UnGraduate Gamer’s stats as of June 27 are as follows:

Lifetime statistics

Lifetime statistics
Lifetime statistics

UnGraduate Gamer has been in 26,559 team games and has won 6,650 times, maintaining a winning percentage of 25.03%. In addition, he racked up 92,021 eliminations, maintaining a K / D ratio of 4.62.

Coming in duo mode, he appeared in 631 matches and eclipsed his enemies in 107 of them, maintaining a 16.95% win rate. In the process, he notched 1559 kills at a K / D of 2.98.

The content creator has participated in 677 solo matches and triumphed in 154 of them, which translates to a win rate of 22.74%. With a K / D ratio of 4.68, he totaled 2,447 kills.

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Classified statistics

Classified statistics
Classified statistics

In the current ranked season, UnGraduate has participated in 397 team games and went undefeated in 96 of them, resulting in a win rate of 24.18%. In addition, he accumulated 1,716 kills for a K / D ratio of 5.70.

Other than that, he has only one win in the 6 duo matches he has played, which equates to a winning percentage of around 16.66%. In addition, he collected 22 kills, ensuring a K / D ratio of 4.40.

The YouTuber has played 6 solo games and has a total of 4 wins, which translates to a win rate of 66.66%. In those matches, he has 49 kills with a K / D ratio of 24.50.

Note: The statistics for this article were recorded at the time of writing. They are subject to change as the content creator continues to play more games in Garena Free Fire.


Non-graduate player
Non-graduate player income (image via Social Blade)

According to Social Blade, UnGraduate Gamer’s estimated monthly income on his channel is between $ 16.2,000 and $ 259.9,000. On the other hand, his annual income is between $ 194.9K and $ 3.1 million.

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Discord link

Non-graduate player
UnGraduate Gamer Discord Server

Its Discord server has over 100,000 members and readers can tap here to join it.

YouTube channel and social media handles

The oldest video on UnGraduate Gamer’s YouTube channel dates back to January 2019 and currently has 405 videos. In the last 30 days, it has gained 230,000 subscribers and 64.983 million views.

Click here to be redirected to UnGraduate Gamer’s YouTube channel.

Social media management:

Facebook: Click here

Instagram: Click here

Twitter: Click on here

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