September 30, 2022
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  • With 64 lakh monthly users, AmbitionBox is now India’s No.1 business review and salary information platform

With 64 lakh monthly users, AmbitionBox is now India’s No.1 business review and salary information platform

By on September 9, 2022 0

AmbitionBox, a rapidly growing corporate exam, salary information and interview preparation platform, today announced that it has 64 lakh users visiting its platform every month ( according to Similarweb, a leading website analytics platform). AmbitionBox received over 1.2 crore visits, outpacing its global competitors. The company has displayed an impressive traffic growth trajectory and has been consistently beating its competitors in India since February 2022.

In 2015, AmbitionBox was launched by two graduates of IIT Madras with the aim of supporting job seekers. The platform offers company reviews, salary information, interview questions and company information to help users research a company before joining, thus making a choice of enlightened career. Over the past 5 years, the company has seen a meteoric growth of 100% YoY in monthly users. Currently, AmbitionBox has 45 lakh+ business reviews, 1 crore+ salary information and over 4 lakh+ interview questions. This makes it India’s largest platform for job seekers to research company culture and salaries.

Mayur Mundada, Founder, AmbitionBox said, “Over the past 5 years we have grown tenfold and with each passing day we are rapidly expanding our footprint in the Indian market. In the coming years, we envision becoming a benchmark in employer branding and are confident that we will not only achieve this mission, but also live up to our vision of truly helping every Indian job seeker build a happy career..”

On AmbitionBox, users can view company ratings to make more informed career decisions

The Indian hiring market is currently bullish with almost every company looking for great talent. There has also been a dramatic shift in mindset among job seekers looking beyond compensation packages. Today’s professionals are more inclined to learn about a company’s culture and work environment before making career decisions.

By logging into AmbitionBox, job seekers gain insight into the company by learning how the company was scored on skills development, work-life balance, job security, growth career opportunities and more by current or former employees of the company. Additionally, the platform also offers salaries for a wide range of positions and companies, interview questions to prepare for, and much more.

AmbitionBox also helps employers tell their story and showcase their brand. Employers can use AmbitionBox to improve their employer brand, engage with employees and understand employee sentiment and truly create a healthy work environment for their employees.

About AmbitionBox
AmbitionBox has over 64 lakh monthly users and is India’s #1 platform for company reviews and salary information. With 45 lakh+ company reviews, 1 crore+ salary information and 4 lakh+ interview questions for over 6 lakh companies, AmbitionBox is the most trusted place for job seekers to discover the best places of work.